Individual Care for Your Best Smile!

You are unique, with specific clinical needs, treatment goals, and personal concerns. Dr. Christine Michaels and our team understand this. We’ll always treat you with compassion and respect for your individual situation.

We’ve built a practice and have created thousands of remarkable smiles for our neighbors in Naperville. We’re excited to meet and work with you to achieve your best smile, too!

Why Choose Dr. Michaels for Orthodontics?

Simply put, we offer a unique combination of advanced care options, truly personalized care, and a welcoming, fun environment where you’ll be part of our family!

  • Communication is key to what we do: We’ll work hard to learn your desires and concerns, be responsive to your situation, and keep you fully engaged and informed throughout treatment.
  • Your time is valuable: We understand you have a busy life and many commitments. You shouldn’t be kept waiting for your appointment. We strive to run on time, and as we set our schedule, we do our best to ensure you’re in and out without ever feeling rushed.
  • We have varied office hours: We open before school and work several days a week and have evening hours on Wednesday. In addition, we have an emergency phone available should you have a true after-hours orthodontic emergency.
  • We offer private operatories: Unlike many orthodontic offices with an open bay concept — which can lead to some people feeling like they’re part of an assembly line — our treatment rooms are private. Each assistant has their own room and has decorated it to reflect their personality. You’ll have complete privacy and our full attention.
  • We welcome parents in the treatment rooms: We’ve found that, especially with younger patients, it’s essential their parents are actively involved in the orthodontic process. We’re thrilled when parents decide to join their children in the operatory and are always glad to answer questions about progress, provide education, and encourage great home care.

Your Complimentary Orthodontic Consultation

Deciding to change your life by changing your smile is a big decision. It’s essential you understand your clinical situation and various treatment options. It’s just as important to select an orthodontist who offers leading-edge care, tailored to you.

If you’ve been considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, Dr. Michaels and her team would be honored to help. Please contact our convenient location in Naperville (630-420-9717) to schedule a complimentary consultation.

We look forward to welcoming you to our orthodontic family and getting started on your new smile!