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Types of Appliances


Functional Appliances/Herbst

Certain types of appliances are designed to direct the growth of the jaws, and are most successful in a young, growing patient. These appliances are custom made and are often used in conjunction with regular braces to aid in getting a beautiful and functional result. Many times they can be used to allow for more conservative treatment. In some cases they may eliminate the need for jaw surgery by bringing the lower jaw forward.

palatal expander


Expanders can be removable, or cemented to the upper molar teeth. An Expansion appliance can be used to widen the upper or lower jaw, creating more room for teeth that may be too crowded. In some cases they can eliminate the need to extract permanent teeth. Expanders are also used to correct a crossbite in the back of the mouth, or widen a narrow jaw.



Retainers are used at the end of treatment to maintain the position of the teeth. In order to maintain your beautiful result, they are a lifetime commitment. Occasionally they can be used for very minor tooth corrections.


Space Maintainers

To prevent crowding as a result of early loss of a tooth, custom appliances are permanently placed to hold the proper space for growth of the remaining teeth, guiding them into their proper position.



Separators are little rubber bands that may be placed between your teeth to push them apart so that orthodontic bands can be placed at your next appointment. They typically stay in for one to two weeks.

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